• System Recovery & Restoration

We can fix it.

Whether its an inaccessible server or a failed hard drive, we have the resources available to maximize you business continuity in times of disaster.  We can help with the following scenarios:

  • Unable to read / Failed HDD
  • Server failure/issues
  • Data recovery
  • System disaster/catastrophie
  • Down industrial machines and components
  • Backup and/or virtualization of existing machines for quick recovery


Call our offices 24x7† for assistance with your technical emergency.  We provide on-site support, consulting, and hands-on assistance with hardware and software.


† Special rates may apply, see www.7thleveltech.com/emergency for details.


Email Recovery

7th Level can assist with recovery of email.  Contact us for assistance with advanced email recovery options including:

  • Recovery of corrupt Exchange databases
  • Corrupt PST files
  • Other email issues